Details about next Chevrolet Volt

General Motors extended the first information on a power-plant of a hybrid of Chevrolet Volt of following generation. The world premiere of model takes place in January of next year on car show in Detroit. According to the developers, one of the most essential changes occurred to the traction battery of a power-plant. At the […]


Volkswagen MQB – gobal platform for efficient cars

In the end of the last year on the Tokyo showroom of Volkswagen brought Cross Coupe – the hybrid prototype based on a new global platform of concern. Chassis MQB will be used for the majority of models VW Group, that is such marks, as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. Volkswagen considers MQB as a […]

BMW will release over one million of fuel efficient cars

The German auto concern of BMW Group declared release more than one million the cars equipped with technology Efficient Dynamics, allowing to lower fuel consumption and harmful blowouts. This system is included into a basic set of each new car of mark, and also takes root on cars of all segments and lineups. Since 2007 […]

Americas Top Fuel Efficient Cars

The corresponding list has been published by Agency on protection of environment of the USA. As a unit of measure the mileage which the car can overcome on one gallon of fuel (mpg) that corresponds to local standards undertook. As it is easy to guess, the list appeared completely is occupied by electromobiles and hybrids. […]

Hybrid system from Hino Motors

Company Hino Motors specializing on manufacture of lorries and buses of various categories and appointments, developed hybrid system for small auto trucks, transportation of cargoes of the small sizes whose main task. Before start in a batch production which is planned for 2011, the system passes test in Japan. The hybrid system represents something an […]

Toyota Prius C Concept

Toyota Prius C Concept

Toyota Prius V can already get ranks of hybrids very soon, however on it family Prius growth does not terminate. In Detroit of Toyota showed the vision of what should become economic cars of the future. Its ideas were embodied in much in Prius C Concept, the car which appears in first half of 2012. […]

Toyota will manufacture lithium-ionic batteries for cars

In the autumn of this year Japanese car manufacturer Toyota company starts manufacture of lithium-ionic batteries for the hybrid cars of type Prius, informs Japanese news edition Nikkei. At present half cost of car is necessary a part of a standard electromobile and the money is spent on its battery. Thus, the company plans to […]


BMW i8 will be released in 2014

At present the novelty passes numerous tests, and in espionage photos the body covers a plentiful camouflage. According to the source resource Car Magazine, the serial version of BMW i8 appear in the market in 2014. The serial version of BMW i8 it is necessary to wait because of several things. For example, it will […]

Chevrolet Spark Electric Model

Engineers of the North American company started over-the-road tests of electric version of model Spark which the management of General Motors promised to put on the conveyor by next year. The electromobile from stock model can be distinguished cars on a new front bumper, other cases of exterior mirrors and absence of a branch pipe of […]