Americas Top Fuel Efficient Cars

The corresponding list has been published by Agency on protection of environment of the USA. As a unit of measure the mileage which the car can overcome on one gallon of fuel (mpg) that corresponds to local standards undertook.

As it is easy to guess, the list appeared completely is occupied by electromobiles and hybrids. The most economic has been recognized by Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The expense of an electricity of the given car approximately corresponds 126 mpg on usual fuel in a city mode and 99 mpg in the country. The second and the third places also got to electromobiles – Nissan Leaf (106 mpg in a city and 92 mpg in the country) and the electric version of a van of Ford Transit Connect (62/62). They are followed Chevrolet Volt (58/62), by Toyota Prius (51/48) and Honda Civic Hybrid (44). Most of these cars use high-end engine oil and that let’s them to save more fuel.
The seventh place was occupied again with the representative of family Prius, however in a body the versatile person (44/40 mpg), followed it Lexus CT 200h (43/40), Honda Insight (41/44) and Toyota Camry Hybrid LE (43/39).