BMW i8 will be released in 2014

At present the novelty passes numerous tests, and in espionage photos the body covers a plentiful camouflage. According to the source resource Car Magazine, the serial version of BMW i8 appear in the market in 2014.


The serial version of BMW i8 it is necessary to wait because of several things. For example, it will possess a hybrid power-plant which can develop 393 h.p. And 170 h.p. are developed by the electromotor. We receive the rest from recently developed 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo engine of the device. The incorporated twisting moment makes 550 Nanometers. The power unit will work together with a four-step box. Also already there is an information on the price. BMW i8 manages in hardly more than 100 000 euros, but the company expects to sell all about 10000 cars.