BMW will release over one million of fuel efficient cars

The German auto concern of BMW Group declared release more than one million the cars equipped with technology Efficient Dynamics, allowing to lower fuel consumption and harmful blowouts. This system is included into a basic set of each new car of mark, and also takes root on cars of all segments and lineups. Since 2007 in total it has been sold more than one million cars with technology Efficient Dynamics. And since spring of current year of BMW offers the clients already 23 models the maximum blowout CO2 at which does not exceed 140 g/km at the maximum fuel consumption of gasoline/5,3 of l of a diesel engine of 5,9 l on 100 km.

Essential drop of fuel consumption within the limits of BMW Efficient Dynamics program also is reached at the expense of system of an automatic cutoff of the engine at a stop on a traffic light. Fuel consumption decreases for 3 %.

Active steering of air shutters in a radiator enclosure and in mines for air intake to brakes also raises efficiency. The front grid opens only in need of the engine raised cooling, in an off-state they provide to the car optimum aerodynamics.