Chevrolet Spark Electric Model

Engineers of the North American company started over-the-road tests of electric version of model Spark which the management of General Motors promised to put on the conveyor by next year.

The electromobile from stock model can be distinguished cars on a new front bumper, other cases of exterior mirrors and absence of a branch pipe of an exhaust system which disappeared as superfluous. Instead of DBS the car is equipped by an electric motor capacity of 114 h.p.. Earlier it was informed that the unit of Chevrolet Spark which receives energy from lithium-ionic of the battery in capacity 20 kwt•h, develops 61 h.p. the Maximum cruising range of an electric car without additional charge of accumulators makes 130 km.

To Europe model Spark is delivered with the ruler of power-plants consisting of two petrol motors. The base unit is the 1.0-litre engine capacity of 68 h.p. which is completed as with mechanical and automatic gear boxes. In top versions the model is equipped with the 81-strong petrol motor in volume of 1.2 liters and five-step mechanical gear box.