Details about next Chevrolet Volt

General Motors extended the first information on a power-plant of a hybrid of Chevrolet Volt of following generation. The world premiere of model takes place in January of next year on car show in Detroit.


According to the developers, one of the most essential changes occurred to the traction battery of a power-plant. At the module created together with firm LG Chem, the chemistry lithium-ion of cells that allowed to increase capacity by 20 percent changed. At present “Volta” accumulators changed three times: right after an exit on the market their capacity made 16 kilowatt-hours, since 2012 — 16,5, and from the midpoint of current year — 17,1 kilowatt-hours. New batteries allow to increase a car cruising range on electric mode — with present 60 to approximately 80-96 kilometers. Besides it, the complete set of accumulators on 13 kg’s will be easier (to 185 kg’s), number of cells in it will be reduced with 288 to 192, and the module will be established more low that allows to lower the car center of gravity.

Also the power-plant structure will include two electro motors which on 45 kg’s will be easier and for 5-12 percent to spend energy, than earlier more economically. Capacity of units (before 160 forces) is not informed. In the company only specified that new engines allow to be accelerated on fully hybrid source of power in 20 percent faster. The former 1,4-litre petrol motor capacity of 85 forces “the four” in volume 1,5 having direct injection of fuel replaces, a high compression ratio (12,5:1) and the oil pump of variable productivity. Exact characteristics of the new unit yet are not informed. However, predictably, it becomes more powerful and more economic than the predecessor. For last four years, since that moment as “Volt” entered the market of the USA, Chevrolet company sold more than 70 thousand such cars. According to the manufacturer, for this term owners of model passed on over 800 million kilometers, saving about 95 million liters of fuel. As showed the American probes, the majority of owners present Volt are ready to prefer at purchase of the new car to the same model. However “twin” “Volta” in the European market — Opel Ampera — on sales failed. Concern GM decided to refuse from “Amperes”, replacing it in scale of models usual electric car.