Best Cars List

According to various sources, it became known – what of cars is the most favorable. The same rating was made also by Steering on environment protection in America ЕРА. It is necessary to notice that in difference from ЕРА, in other calculations took for a basis not mainly on car fuel consumption, and the sum which the automobile owner spends for car refueling, explaining it to that some cars on a city move more economically, than on a line. Because of the different applied algorithm of calculation, results at ЕРА and others too differ. Their opinions only that Japanese cars are the most economic are similar. The government of the USA spends drawing up of such ratings annually to facilitate a choice of consumers on a car market.

1. The first place gets to a super-small-sized car – German Smart Fortwo. Its expense on a city does not exceed 4,6 l. The two-seater goes by 95th gasoline and passes of 767 km on a full tank. The luggage compartment volume makes only 340 l. Small dimensions allow not only to save on fuel, but also on the parking space area – Smart Fortwo at length is capable to go in on a piece in 2,7 m.
Smart_FortwoIt is necessary to notice that all cars presented in the list can be got in any of the cities, automobile owners have possibility to choose the most economic in use the car. And certainly it is necessary to understand that the figures declared by the manufacturer can differ from a reality. If you do not want to throw out regularly money through an exhaust pipe – fill in correct gasoline – then fuel consumption figures will please only! Refueling at the gas station of Kobart it is possible to receive not only qualitative fuel, but also essential economy – simply enough to receive a chart of the regular customer.

2. On the second place there is Fiat 500 0,9 TwinAir spending on a city of 4,9 l of gasoline. The small-sized three-banger car on a full tank passes 686 km. It is calculated on three passengers and a small amount of things in a baggage compartment – to 550 l. At the same time the given mark has a appreciation of safety in rating EURO NCAP.

3. Japanese Honda Jazz with the usage of 5,1 l on 100 km takes the third place in the list of the most economic cars on the gasoline engine. With a full tank this car is capable to pass without a stop and needlessly to visit refueling of 764 km. Honda Jazz contains 5 persons, the luggage compartment volume makes 883 l. It is necessary to notice that this city car is also bright enough – to 100 km it is dispersed for 11,4 seconds.

4. On the fourth place again two cars is South Korean KIA Picanto (the expense of gasoline of 5,4 l on 100 km in the city) and the French Peugeot 107 (5,4 l – 100 km ). On full tank KIA Picanto passes 833 km. In it 5 persons take freely place, and the luggage compartment finds room for 870 l of cargo. Picanto concerns the A-class. It is necessary to notice that according to engineering specifications fuel consumption on a line makes no more than 3,6 l on 100 km. Peugeot 107 assembled in Czech Republic, also is the representative of the A-class. On a full tank it overcomes 778 km of a way. On dimensions and capacity it concedes KIA Picanto – in interior, besides the driver, three persons are located, and the luggage compartment accepts 751 l of cargo.

5. The fifth place by right receives the French Citroen C1 eating 5,5 l of gasoline in the city drive. The car of the Czech assembly concerns an A-class and prefers 95 octane class gasoline. On a full tank it is capable to pass 778 km. The luggage compartment volume makes 751 l.

6. The sixth place gets to Suzuki Swift with the expense in 6,1 l on 100 km on a city drive. This tiny Japanese car assembled in Hungary, is capable to contain 5 persons and to 874 l of cargo in a luggage compartment. The full tank suffices on 840 km. “Eats” the car 95 octane gasoline.

7. On the seventh place there is Opel Corsa with fuel consumption of 6,9 l on 100 km on a city. Opel Corsa consumes 95 octane number gasoline. It will be attractive to the city dweller also capacious enough luggage compartment in volume of 1100 l.

8. The eighth place is occupied at once with two marks using the increasing popularity. It is Skoda Fabia (the gasoline expense makes 7,3 l on 100 km on a city) and Daewoo Matiz (7,3 l on 100 km on a city). Thus if last endured peak of sales in our country literally three-four years ago Fabia continues to grow. Skoda Fabia, assembled in Kaluga, concerns a B-class. In use 95th gasoline is preferable. The full tank suffices on 818 km of roads. The car is perfectly entered in city conditions, having small dimensions and worthy spaciousness (5 places, luggage compartment volume – 1180).

Daewoo Matiz – the South Korean car of the Uzbek assembly. Small and brisk on a full tank can pass 515 km. Does not disdain 92nd gasoline. It was especially fell in love to representatives of a female for modest dimensions (luggage compartment volume – 480).

9. Hyundai i30 from South Korea takes the ninth place thanks to the gasoline expense on a city of 8,1 l on 100 km. The car concerns the S-class. The five-seater car is capable to pass of 869 km on a full tank of roads and to contain in a luggage compartment to 1316 l of cargo that is rather impressive indicator at similar dimensions. Plus to all Hyundai i30 has the higher estimation in category “Safety” on rating EURO NCAP.

10. And finishes our list – the Frenchman of the Iranian assembly – Peugeot 206 eacting 8,5 l of gasoline on 100 km. The car is calculated on use of 95th octane class gasoline; the full tank suffices it on 667 km of a way. On Peugeot 206 line spends only 5 l of fuel.