Toyota will manufacture lithium-ionic batteries for cars

In the autumn of this year Japanese car manufacturer Toyota company starts manufacture of lithium-ionic batteries for the hybrid cars of type Prius, informs Japanese news edition Nikkei. At present half cost of car is necessary a part of a standard electromobile and the money is spent on its battery. Thus, the company plans to establish competitive price of hybrid models of own manufacture.

As informs Nikkei, in the factory of Toyota located in prefecture Aichi (Japan) and joint factory with company Panasonic in prefecture Shizuoka it will be invested about 10 billion dollars. In a year it is by common efforts planned to make such quantity of lithium-ionic batteries which will be enough for equipment of 100 000 hybrid cars.

The beginning of sales hybrid Prius in Japan, the USA and Europe is planned on first half of 2012.