Volkswagen MQB – gobal platform for efficient cars

In the end of the last year on the Tokyo showroom of Volkswagen brought Cross Coupe – the hybrid prototype based on a new global platform of concern. Chassis MQB will be used for the majority of models VW Group, that is such marks, as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda.
Volkswagen considers MQB as a new word in automotive industry. Before us the chassis which sizes can be increased or reduced, depending on model is not so simple. MQB as designer Lego, consists of several basic modules which allow to regulate such important parameters as wheel, the base, a track, an arrangement of seats, power units, fuel tanks and accumulators. On the other hand in a platform there is a constant – distance from the center of wheels to pedal knot that provides unity of a front part of a body. By itself, for working out of a platform which becomes a basis for the majority of cars of concern, huge money, intellectual and technical resources are spent. In chassis manufacturing the steel hot form which not only is stronger usual in 6 times was used, but also it is a bit easier than it. Drop of weight of the chassis was promoted also by aluminum, from it the suspender is executed. As a result developers managed to win on the average 60-100 kg, and Golf 2013 it will be easier than the previous generation on 150 kg.


One more feature MQB – the general principle of installation of all engines. The new chassis will share on two basic modular platforms – MOB (petrol motors) and MDB (diesel motors). Platform MOB includes a new ruler of engines EA211 (from 60 to 150 horsepowers), including the first-ever 4-cylinder unit with system of switching-off of cylinders (ACT). MDB it will be equipped with family EA288 engines (from 90 to 190 horsepowers). It is necessary to notice that both at petrol and diesel installations will have a same corner of a camber of cylinders that naturally accelerates their manufacture, but the most important thing – makes possible connection of all engines to one transmission.

The number of variants of units and gear boxes will be reduced almost to 90 %, but it not how not to be reflected in quality of a product, requirements of different clients and the markets will be observed. Now the German concern can assemble on one industrial line cars of different marks, for example Audi and Skoda.

The first model constructed on MQB, becomes new Audi A3 which sales start already in the beginning of summer.